Gillian Brownson Writer. Performer. Theatre Maker. Ysgryfennwr. Perfformiwr. Creawdwr Theatr.
Gillian Brownson  Writer. Performer. Theatre Maker.      Ysgryfennwr. Perfformiwr. Creawdwr Theatr.

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"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world" - Phillip Pullman 


I am a Community Theatre Practitioner, Storyteller and Writer, living and working in North Wales. I'm interested in bringing theatre and performance to small towns and rural communities throughout Wales and sharing stories, real and imaginary, with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 



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                  "I've taken my girls to see Gillian four times. Each time, they are mesmerised. If you can, I highly reccomend taking your family to see her."

     - Claire Hodgkinson 


                     "Darkwhistle & the Haunted River is imaginative, vividly written and hugely charming. Eve and I both believe [Gillian] is an excellent writer" 

- Jack Ramm (Eve White Literary Agency) 


        "Gillian never fails to entertain children and adults alike using fascinating characters to tell awsome stories. Thanks for keeping our kids interested in language and storytelling!"

- Jim Wardley 


          "[Darkwhistle & the Haunted river is an] imaginative and unusual story. [Gillian has] a natural talent for writing as shown by the beautiful descriptions and vibrant imagery"

    - Sandra Glover, Literary Consultant (Author of 'Hairy Horror', 'The Nowhere Boy')



"Gill is an inspiring individual, professional, hard working, committed, reliable, knowledgable and creative. She generated lovely ideas from the pupils while nurturing their enthusiasm and engagement."

Tamazine Croston, Head Teacher, Ysgol Bryn Deva









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